What is Graphene Battery Technology: 5X Fast Charging than your Normal Batteries

Our mobile phones use Lithium-ion batteries which usually take 1-2 hours for charging. The same battery can be charged in 12-24 minutes by using the Graphene batteries.

Let’s first understand what graphene is?
Graphene is made of the graphite which itself is a crystallized form of carbon. It is found in pencils and is a Single-atom thick structure of carbon atoms which are arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Let’s understand its properties:

  1.  It is million times thinner than hair.
  2. It is 200 times stronger than steel.
  3. It is 6 times lighter than steel.
  4. Can stretch up to a quarter of its length.
  5. Can conduct electric current faster than any other known substance.
Using graphene in mobile phone batteries makes then 5 times faster and it also increases their capacity by 45%. In this case, a lot of research is being carried by SAMSUNG. Let’s learn more in this video:

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