Strain Gauge: How it Works and How to Use it to Measure the Weight

A strain gauge is an electrical sensor which measures force. In this post, you’ll learn basic introduction to the strain gauge. How it works and how you can use it in your projects.

What is strain Gauge?

A strain gauge is an electrical whose resistance changes with the change of strain. This change in resistance can actually be measured to find the strain. We can think a strain gauge as a converter which takes mechanical power as an input and provides an electrical quantity which can be measured and processed.

How to use it?

The change of resistance on a standalone strain gauge is very small and it is of no use for our measurement, therefore it should be connected with some external circuitry. In practice, a Wheatstone bridge is often used with the strain gauge. The video below explains it:

Practical applications

  1. Used in many sensing devices and electronic instrumentation
  2. Measurements of pressures
  3. Force detection

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