DC Motor Speed Controller Project [Circuit Diagram, List of all components]

The motor speed controller is an electronic circuitry which is used to control the speed of dc motors. In this, you’ll learn the complete guide for making your own speed controller project.

List of components

  1. 1 IRFZ44 + Aluminum heat sink
  2. 1 NE555, 3v Led
  3. 1 Capacitor 16v 1000uf
  4. 3 * Resistors of 1 kΩ
  5. 3 * Diode 1N4148
  6. 1 * Resistor 10 kΩ
  7. 1 Potentiometer 50k
  8. 1 Ceramic capacitors 104
  9. 1 Ceramic capacitors 103
  10. 2 * Ceramic capacitors 473
  11. A copper clad board, Na2S2O8, Wire electric
Circuit diagrams and PCB blueprints: Download here [Google Drive link]


  1. Print the circuit on butter paper.
  2. Cut the PCB.
  3. Iron the PCB to print circuit on it.
  4. Put it in chemicals and keep it for some time.
  5. Drill it and solder the components.
The video below is self-explanatory and it is very easy to follow the instructions.

After watching this post you’ll be able to design your own motor speed controller.

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    This nice circuit d c moter very important circuit very thank full


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