Power System Protection: 5 Reasons to Prefer VCB over ordinary CBs

Vacuum circuit breakers use vacuum as the arc quenching material. Such CBs provided a large number of benefits over ordinary CB’s. Today you’ll learn 5 reasons to prefer VCB over ordinary CBs.

Vaccum has excellent arc quenching properties

Compare to all other materials, vacuum offers highest insulation properties. This feature makes it a distinguished material which interrupts the arc at first current zero.

No fire hazard is associated

Another distinguishing feature of VCB is that there is no fire hazard that one can fear. This feature is also present in SF6 circuit breaker. However other breakers lack it.

Also, learn:

No gas molecules are present in the proximity of contacts

In VCB all air is removed from the proximity of contacts. Now when contacts separate there are no gas molecules that can cause ionization.

Vacuum vs Oil vs Airblast breakers

All the three (Oil, VCB, and air blast) breakers can be employed on the transmission lines. However, airblast breakers are very complex in construction and handling. On the other hand, oil breakers suffer from the danger of explosion. Compare to Airblast breaker a VCB is simple in construction.

On the other hand, there is no danger of explosion which exists in case of OCB.

VCB is far superior and performs best on lines over these two breakers.

Successfully deals with Lightning Surges

VCB successfully handles sparks, surges, and other impacts.


The video tutorial explains the working of VCB.

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