MCCB VS MCB: Difference between MCCB and MCB

MCB and MCCB are two protection devices which are used for protecting electrical systems and appliances. Mostly MCB is used for the protection of domestic circuits, whereas MCCB is used for industrial circuits. Let’s read a summarized difference between MCCB and MCB. You can scroll down to watch the video instead.

MCB is an abbreviation for a Miniature circuit breaker which is used for lower values of current. It is used up to 100 A current and its trip characteristics are not adjustable. MCBs are commonly used for lower energy circuits such as in our homes.

MCCB is an abbreviation for Molded case circuit breaker and it is a useful device for rated current up to 1000 A. Its trip current can also be made adjustable. It’s thermal or thermal-magnetic in operation.

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