AC vs DC Power Transmission

Almost 90% of our electric power system utilizes alternating current for power transmission. However, a recent trend is to utilize DC instead of AC. In this post, you’ll learn the difference between AC and DC Power Transmission.


Difference between AC and DC Power Transmission

Of the two types of electricity, the DC power transmission has a large number of benefits associated with it.
AC Transmission DC Transmission
AC Transmission system requires three conductors which are expesive. Here two conductors are used thus we save almost 33% of total expenses.
The skin effect in AC system reduces the overall cross-section of wire which is utilized in power transmission. There is no skin effect in dc and the thus whole conductor is utilized for power transmission.
An AC power system is more affected by corona losses. Although a DC power system has corona losses, but they are less as compared o ac.
An AC system has capacitance and inductance which impact the working of transmission lines and the design engineers have to consider these parameters while designing the lines. There is no problem of capacitance and inductance in AC systems and one can simply negate them in modeling.

Also, learn the difference between AC and DC Motors.

All these benefits of dc make it suitable for transmission and it attracts a lot of research attention. However the dc can’t be directly generated, it is rectified from ac to dc, it can’t be stepped up directly in dc form.

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