Types of Power Electronics Converters

Power electronics converters are the circuits which convert power from one form or from one level to another.

What are Power Electronic Converters

Power electronic converters are the circuits which contain power electronic components and are used to convert the power. We already know that electrical current exists in two forms: ac and dc. On the basis of operation, we can have converters of four different types which are:

AC to DC Converter

We are already familiar with the basic electronic rectifier which converter ac to dc. A power electronic rectifier or ac to dc converter is same in construction. However, it uses a controlled rectifier which employed SCR in it.

DC to AC Converter

A DC to AC Converter is an inverter which is often used with UPS and other circuits to converter dc supply from battery to the alternating current.

AC to AC Converter

The AC to AC converter uses Triac for converting fixed ac power from one level to other voltage levels.

DC to DC Converter

A DC to DC converter is also known as a chopper or transistor chopper. A chopper is basically a transistor which is used with some other components to convert dc from one level is another.

Electrical Engineering Video on Power Electronics Converters

Here is a video which explains the concept of ac, dc, and power electronics converters in detail:

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