The Complete Tutorial to Install a 3 Wire 240 V Plug for Welder

Electrical installation is the quite interesting as well as equally tricky process which requires a lot of expertise and practical knowledge. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the installation of 3 wire, 240 V plug for your welder.

Things you should know before starting

Your safety is the first and foremost thing which should always stay in your mind. Always switch off the mains supply before doing any sort of installation of repairing.

You need an expertise while doing practical stuff. If you don’t hold relevant certificate and expertise you should call a registered technician.

Electrical installation and repair involve tasks that are dangerous for your life, you should know what are doing and you should follow all tutorials at your own risk.

Today you’ll learn:

  1. How to make 220 v outlet for your welder.
  2. You’ll learn the method to hookup your welder to a generator.
  3. How to connect the assembly to CB panel.

Let’s get started:

Copper vs Aluminium

Compared to Alumiunium Copper is expensive however it is superior in quality and serves a better conductor. You should try to use copper conductors whenever possible.

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