Power Systems: 10 Essential Components Inside Industrial Control Panels

Industrial Control panels are the heart of Electrical industries. A control panel is a place from where you can control all connected equipment.

Today you’ll learn about 10 Essential components inside industrial control panels:

Circuit Breaker: The circuit breaker is a protection device which trips off in case of hazardous current values. Also learn about Miniature circuit breaker. SF6 circuit breaker, and the difference between MCB and MCCB.

Surge suppressor: It is also a protection component which protects all components located within the panel. Also learn about Lightning arrester and 6 different types of lightning arresters.

Power supply: A power supply takes AC input and provides a DC power of relatively smaller output.

Ethernet switch: Allows devices to communicate.

Radio: Sends data to Master control center.

PLC: PLC(Programmable logic controllers) sends and receive data to instruments. Also, learn the difference between PLC and SCADA.

Terminal blocks: Connection points for field instruments.

Relays: They signal the circuit breaker to change switching status under different conditions. Learn the Basics of Relays. Also, learn about Buchholz Relay which is installed in the transformers with conservator tanks.

Wire duct: It surrounds the components and protects them.

Din rail: The rail on which components are mounted.

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