Top 10 Tips for Electrical Engineering Students

Go through it before the class

For 90% of the students, it is difficult to retain even the 10% of the lecture. The perfect way to retain is going through the text before the lecture. Do this and you’ll notice a difference in understanding.

Group study vs Individual study

Individual study habits are less distraction, it lets you focus and stay concentrated. You can pay your full attention to your study goals and can go on your own speed. You can read, reread, rereread where needed. On the other hand group study boosts your motivation, you learn from others as well as you can reinforce your engineering concepts by demonstrating to others.

Ask yourself which mode of study works well for you and stick to it.

Time management

“Time is the rider that breaks youth.“ – George Herbert

Your GPA: Keep it above 3.3

You might have heard GPA doesn’t matters.

A guy with good GPA will advice orate “GPA is everything” while other one will say “GPA is nothing”.

Many big corporate never keep GPA on the top of list, yet many organizations and graduate schools will not allow you to appear before them with a lower GPA.

A good tip is to keep your GPA above 3.3.

Attend Seminar, Workshops and Conferences

Workshops, conferences and seminars help you develop new ideas, to improve your skills, and above all they provide you an opportunity to build networks.

Daniels College of Business explains why network building is important:

Getting a job often depends on who you know rather than what you know. That’s why you should take the opportunity to network whenever you can.

Importance of Internships

Internships help take a sneak peak of your industry. They help you increase your networks and to develop your resume.

Maryanne Gomez from Hispanic Leadership Institute explains the importance of the internship.

Your EE Projects

While majority to students bypass the real projects you should try to design something significant that can be a part of your resume. Choose a noteworthiness FYP as well as significant projects through your all semesters.

Make a portfolio of your projects.

Take Some Business Class

Many universities and engineering colleges provide a business class or courses for students.

You should take some business courses of diplomas, this will help you develop business ideas and to add business ideas to your engineering mind.

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