Difference between AC and DC Made Easy for Beginners

Electric current has two types. It can either be ac or it can be dc in nature. Today you’ll learn the difference between AC and DC.

What is AC and What is DC

The electrical power coming at the wall outlets in your homes is alternating in nature, during each cycle it changes its direction and polarity. Its frequency is 50/60 Hz. Learn Why to use 50 or 60 Hz instead of other higher or lower values.
Whereas the cell in your wall clock is a dc source which provides direct current. This current doesnot changes its polarity and remains essentially the same.
Alternating current Direct current
It changes its polarity Its polarity always remains the same.
AC Voltage/current change. DC Voltage/current are steady.
Example of ac source is wall outlet in our homes. Example of dc source is small cell or batteries such as AAAA, AA batteries.
The generation, transmission, and distribution of power is done in the form of ac. Power is always stored in the form of batteries which are dc.
AC has a specific frequency after which it repeats. DC has no frequency.

Another non-technial difference is that AC is more dangerous than DC.
Let’s watch this video animation which further clears the difference between ac and dc.

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