Basic Electrical Engineering Symbols Sheet

Electrical symbols are used in electronic circuits to represent the circuit components visually. In this sheet, the basic electrical engineering symbols are provided. The list and their details:

Cell: A single cell which acts as a DC Source.
Battery: Combination of two or more than two cells.
AC Voltage: Any source which provides AC source.
AC Current: A current source which provides ac current.
Lamp: Commonly used load for testing.
Capacitor: A charge storage device.
Variable capacitor: Provides a variable capacitance at the output.
SPST: Single Push Single Throw button
SPDT: Single Push Double Throw button
Wires not crossing: Wires that are not connected to each other.
Wires crossing: Wires that are connected to each other at a node.
Fuse: The over-current protection device.
Resistor: A current controlling device.
Variable Resistor: The resistor whose values changes.
Buzzer: A sound device.
Speaker: A sound device.

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