Voltage Regulator Tutorial and USB Gadget Charger Circuit

The voltage regulator is an electronic component which takes unregulated fluctuating voltage as input and provides a regulated straight regulated dc voltage at its output. Most voltage regulators come in 78XX series. Where XX can be any number starting from 1. For example, the 7805 regulator provides a constant 5 V output at its terminals. The 7808 voltage regulator provides 8 V and 7812 provides 12 V at the output.

How it works?

Using voltage regulators is very easy, provide an input, connect some capacitors to provide┬áthe stability. Take the output. Each regulator has some specific voltage range which is mentioned by the manufacturer, you can’t provide the voltages higher than specified. Within the working voltage range it will continue to work. However, the higher the input voltages, the more are the losses.

Efficiency of voltage regulator = Vout / Vin

In this video, the working of voltage regulators is provided. This Electrical Engineering video explains the practical working of regulators as well its use with capacitors for getting a constant output voltage. This video also teaches you to make your own mobile phone charger that can be your mini mini electronics project. Let’s start learning:

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