Complete Tutorial on Working of RC Low Pass Filters

The electrical filters are the circuits which allow a certain type of frequency to flow through them while stopping the other frequencies. As the name indicates an RC Low pass filter allows lower frequencies to pass while stopping higher frequencies.

What is RC Low Pass Filter?

An RC low pass filter is a combination of electrical components that allow all frequencies below cutoff frequencies while stopping other frequencies above that.

What are active low pass filters

An active low pass filter involves Op-amp or some other active electronic components. They provide a gain to the input and output can be larger than the input.

What are passive low pass filters

Such filters involve passive components such as resistors, inductors, and capacitors.

In this video you’ll learn the detailed working of RC low pass filters:

Other questions on Filters

What is passband

The band of frequencies which is allowed to pass through a filter.

What is stop band

The range of frequencies which is not allowed to pass through a filter.

What is a cascaded filter

The combination of filters in which two or more filters are joined together.

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