Laser Diode, its Working and Top 10 Practical Applications

The Laser diode is a semiconductor device in which a laser beam is created at the junction of the diode.

The term LASER itself stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

Symbol and Physical look

The figure below displays the symbol and physical look of a Laser diode.

laser diode its symbol and physical construction


The basic construction involves two layers of doped gallium arsenide that forms a PN junction. The wavelength of the emitted line depends on the length of PN junction. An external voltage source forward biases the laser diode causing the electrons to move through the junction. Like a simple diode, the recombination of electrons to holes emits the photons.

The brief working of the LASER diode is illustrated below:


It is monochromatic: The emitted light is monochromatic that is, composed of a single color and is not a mixture of many colors.

It is coherent in nature: The light is composed of a single wavelength.

Practical applications

  1. Used in pickup systems of CD players.
  2. Used in Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
  3. Widely employed geologists and in seismological engineering.
  4. Is employed in aerospace during space missions
  5. Used by the military in target designers
  6. Physicists use the laser to study the various phenomenon and for doing their optical research.
  7. Used in the medical field for surgeries
  8. LLLT (Low-level LASER therapy) is used in different types of skin treatments.
  9. Used in the industry for cutting, welding, drilling
  10. Used in Aerospace Engineering for testing the stability of planes, satellites

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