Different types of Diodes and Their Applications

In this post, you’ll be learning about the different types of diodes, their symbol, physical look and their practical applications in Electrical circuits.


The Normal or General purpose Diode

The normal or general purpose diode is used in power supplies for rectification purposes. The rectification process involves conversion to ac to dc. The process of rectification involves two or four diodes.

Practical application: Your mobile phone and laptop charger involve a combination of general purposes diodes that.

Zener Diode

A special purpose diode that is operated in reverse bias to obtain a fixed voltage. It is widely employed in electronics as a voltage regulator. Learn more about Zener diode.

Schottky diode

The Schottky diode features very small power loss and is widely employed in high-frequency devices.
Tunnel: Used in oscillator and microwave

Tunnel diode

It is a special purpose diode employed in HF applications. It is widely employed in oscillators and microwave amplifiers. Learn more about Tunnel diode.


The most popular type of diode which operates in forward biasing. LED is an optical diode which emits light during it operation. Learn 3 Basic concepts on LEDs. During their operation LEDs also requires a current limiting resistor. You can also learn the calculations for current limiting resistors.


Just like LED, a photodiode belongs to an optical class. The device operates in reverse bias. Under ordinary condition its resistance is very high, thus restricting current flow through the circuit. The exposure of light on surfaces diminishes the resistance, thus allowing the current flow through it.

Practical use of photodiode involves counting of items in the process industry. The entire working of Optocoupler IC also relies on a photodiode.

Laser diode

Laser diode emits monochromatic coherent light. It is widely used in medical and engineering industries for design and testing the stability of components. Other applications involve curring, welding, and target aiming.

Varactor diode

A voltage controlled capacitor that finds its applications in HF receivers and resonant circuit tuning. Learn more about Varactor diode.

PIN Diode

It behaves like a resistor in forwarding bias, while a constant capacitor in reverse bias. Learn more about PIN diode.

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