5 Basic Concepts Everyone Studying Telecom Should Know about NFC

NFC is a protocol set (rule) which enables two devices to transfer information with each other.

What is NFC

NFC stands for near field communication. It is actually a set of communication protocols which lets two devices to share information with each other.

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Working modes

There are three different working modes of NFC devices.

Reader/Writer Mode: Enables the devices to read information one posters.
Peer to Peer mode: Enables two devices to share information with each other.
Card emulations mode: Enables NFC devices to behave like smart cards thus enabling them for doing transactions.

Practical applications

  • Sharing information via smartphones: It can be used in smartphones for sharing information such as contacts, text messages, docs, videos and other files.
  • Gaming: Multiplayer mobile games can be played via NFC
  • Commerce industry: It can be used in payment systems for doing transactions.


RFID is a read-only one-way connection channel. Whereas NFC is two-way communication media.

NFC vs Bluetooth

Bluetooth enables long-range communication whose range can be as high as up to 100 m, whereas NFC is limited in the range usually, it is 10 cm.

NFC sets up quicker than BT and doesn’t require pairing, whereas BT requires pairing for communication.

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