Induction Motor VS Synchronous Motor [10 Differences]

Induction and synchronous motors are widely employed in manufacturing industries. In this, you’ll learn the difference between both motors.

In this video, you’ll learn about 10 major differences between Synchronous and Induction Motors:

Synchronous Motor Induction Motor
Requires a dc field current for the excitation. Requires no field current for the excitation purpose.
It has the rotor windings. It uses the conduction bars instead of windings.
It always runs at a synchronous speed. It always runs at a speed lower than the synchronous speed.
Could have leading, lagging or unity power factor. Always operate at the lagging power factor.
They are used for improvement of power factor. They are not used for improving the power factor.
Are expensive for the same rating. Comparatively cheap.
They are complicated in design. They are simple in design.
Slip = 0 0 < Slip < 10
Speed remains constant by adding load. Speed varies by changing the load.
Sudden load changes introduce haunting. They have no hunting.

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