Brushless DC Motor: What is this, How it works and its advantages

We are familiar with the simple DC motor which is commonly found in toys. But. what is Brushless dc motor? In this post, you’ll learn the construction and working of brushless dc motor.

Brushed vs Brushless

All electrical machines internally generate alternating current. In dc motors a simple a commutator and brushed arrangement is employed for obtaining the direct current from alternating current. During its working, the commutator connections to the brushes are changed. Such construction introduces a few problems.
  1. The brushes are made of soft material and wear down with the time. Therefore it is required to replace the brushes after some time.
  2. The continuous switching of material creates sparking in the machine.
  3. The brush itself possesses some resistance due to which potential is dropped across it.
A brushless dc motor doesn’t involve brushes and commutator and is widely employed in a large number of applications. The video tutorial below explains the working of Brushless dc motor in a simple way. Let’s first understand it:

Practical applications of Brushless DC Motor (BLDC)


Nowadays BLDC’s find their application in aeronautical and aerodynamic modeling. An example is helicopter and drone models.

Usage as servomotor

BLDC’s are widely employed as servo motors.

Cooling fans

They are employed in cooling fans and other ventilation applications.

Industrial Applications

They are widely employed in actuators and in industrial robotics.


They are used in electric and hybrid vehicles.

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