Most Important Electrical and Electronics Tools for Hobbyists

The best way to learn Electrical Engineering is by doing it. Yeah!

Either you are learning Electrical Engineering as part of your subject or as hobby, the best way is to make your own mini lab. Let’s explore some of the most important electrical and electronic tools you should get for your lab.

Soldering station

There are two common methods which can be used to make circuits:
  1. Make prototype on breadboards
  2. Solder them on PCB or veroboards
For soldering components on PCB you need a soldering gun. Altough a soldering gun itself does the work, you might want a soldering station that which is strongly recommened if you are doing electronics for long time. Get a sponge with gun.

Digital Multimeter

We all know that a digital multimeter measures voltage, current, and resistance in a circuit. While many cheap multimeters are available in market you get some high quality meters from UNI-T of Fluke.

Wire cutter

An essential for all your wiring tasks.


You might want a plier which suits your electronic needs so look for it.

Wire stripper

While removing insulation from ends of wire, many times we mess with it which results in damaging the wire itself instead of insulation. A wire stripper is handy tool for removing the insulation from wires.


You need it while dealing with screws.


Electronics wires include Jumper wires, Alligator wires and other wires (as shown in video).

DC Power supply

A dc power supply provides variable dc power to your circuits.

Drilling machine

You need it for screws and other tasks.
Hot glue gun


You need it for observing signals.

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