Electrical Machines: Everything you Should Know about 3 Phase Motor Control

The modern electrical industries use the digital networks to control the contractor as well as to monitor the operating status of the motor. Today you’ll learn the important points about 3 Phase motor controls.

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Important points you should remember

What is MCC

MCC is motor control center where busways are used to route electrical power to motors, as well as the control switches and SCADA systems are installed for controlling and analyzing the behavior of motors.

Industries often contain a separate substation which is dedicated to the motor control and operations.

What is a thermal overload heater

It is a protection device which is installed in control circuits of high power motors. Its major function is to detect the excessive overload and to switch off the motor in case of high temperatures. The simplest configuration of thermal overload protection involves the installation of resistive elements in series with the three line circuits of the motor. Such elements are manufactured so as to model the characteristics of the motor and protect it.

What are contactor

At the beginning of three-phase motors, a knife switch was simply used to switch on and off the motors.

With the advancements and improvements in industry, it was desired that a remote start and stop control should be provided to motors. For this special high-current-rated electromechanical relays are built. Technically these relays are referred as contactors.


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