Autotransformer Working and Basic Theory

The electrical transformer in a device which steps ac electrical voltages from one level to another by using a magnetic field.
We previously learned about the basic construction of a simple single phase transformer which has a simple core and two windings.
An autotransformer is a special type of transformer which is used to change the voltage levels by a very small amount. For example, sometimes it is required to step the voltage from 330 V to 335 V or 1 kV to 1.01 kV. In such cases, the usual transformer becomes unnecessary as well as it is expensive.
An autotransformer is actually a special purpose transformer whose coils are physically connected. In simple words, it has only one winding.

Features of Autotransformer

  • It is inexpensive
  • Primary and secondary circuits (windings) have a direct physical connection
  • Convenient to use

Theory of Transformers

In this video, the basic working and theory of autotransformers are presented in a very small and easily understandable way.

Let’s proceed to the lecture:

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